Come see what's cooking at The 460!



When the weather is good on Saturday mornings during the warmer months, we humbly invite all local farmers, craftspeople, and artisans to join us in the parking lot of the 460 Cafe and Farmers Market to set up your booths and sell what you would like to a community that appreciates your hard work.

If you would like to get in on it, drop us a line!



Boasting a wide range of great family food and home cookin', the Cafe has what you need to stay satisfied!

From boiled shrimp, to hamburgers, to fresh locally sourced salads, soup, sandwiches, and the coldest beverages around: the 460 Cafe and Farmers Market is the place to go when you're hungry for real country cooking!  

With plenty of room inside, the Cafe is the perfect location for all sorts of family activities and functions including rock painting, art nights, and movies for kids! It is also available for corporate and private functions with arrangements from the management.


Inside the Cafe you will find a full carpeted stage, perfect for musical performances, live entertainment and public address.

As it has been said before, the 460 Cafe is "VOCAL FOR LOCAL" and would love to have your talent in the spotlight.

From bluegrass, to country, to good old fashioned rock and roll, we support all local and traveling artists who are looking for an appreciative audience.